"Jeopardy!' Makes On-Air Mistake Before Game Begins"

On Wednesday, viewers of the popular quiz show "Jeopardy!" were treated to a major editing glitch. During a segment in which host Mayim Bialik was congratulating finalists in the High School Reunion Tournament, the show cut to a scene of the contestants with their final tallies already showing. Jackson Jones’ $24,000, Justin Bolsen’s $13,570 and Maya Wright’s $3,370 remained on screen for several seconds, revealing the outcome of the game before it even started.

The mistake was quickly noticed by some viewers, who shared their observations on social media platforms. Despite the gaffe, the show was unable to give away the ultimate result of the college students’ clash because it’s a two-game match with the highest combined score determining the winner. The second game is scheduled to air on Thursday.

No comment was immediately received from “Jeopardy!” regarding the editing glitch, however fans of the show can tune in tomorrow to see if the outcome of the tournament will remain the same.


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