Jamie Foxx unsure if he would recover after illness

Jamie Foxx, the 55-year-old actor and singer, has returned to work after a recent hospitalization. Foxx had previously experienced a medical complication, as announced by his family in April. In a video shared on Instagram, Foxx expressed gratitude to his fans for their prayers and support during his recovery. He also thanked his sister, daughter, God, and medical professionals for saving his life.

Foxx humorously dispelled rumors that he was blind, paralyzed, or a clone, but did not disclose the specifics of his condition. He acknowledged that his road to recovery had been challenging, but declared that he is now able to work and that fans may see him burst into tears occasionally due to the difficulties he has faced.

Since his hospitalization, Foxx has maintained a low profile. However, he has been spotted enjoying time with friends in Chicago, including a boat ride on the Chicago River. His family has kept the details of his medical care private, but the updates they have shared have been positive, indicating that Foxx is recuperating well.

Foxx and his daughter Corinne are set to host a new game show called "We Are Family," where hidden celebrities perform songs with their non-famous relatives. The show will be part of Fox's 2023-24 primetime lineup.

While Foxx's health condition remains undisclosed, his return to work and public appearances suggest that he is on the road to recovery. His fans and colleagues have expressed their well wishes and support for his journey to wellness.


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