Jamie Foxx shares 20-day hospital stay details

Renowned actor and comedian Jamie Foxx recently opened up about the mysterious medical condition that left him hospitalized for 20 days last year. In a clip shared on X (formerly Twitter), Foxx revealed that his health issues began with a bad headache on April 11, 2023. Despite his initial memory loss, Foxx recounted being taken to multiple doctors who administered treatment, including cortisone shots.

Foxx's daughter, Corrine Foxx, shared a statement on Instagram confirming her father's medical complication and expressing gratitude for the quick action and care that led to his recovery. In a subsequent Instagram video, Foxx himself acknowledged the severity of the incident, emphasizing the transformative impact it had on him.

While details surrounding the exact nature of Foxx's condition remain undisclosed, the actor has hinted at a forthcoming comedic retelling of the experience. At a recent event, Foxx teased that he plans to share the full story in a humorous manner, returning to his stand-up roots to navigate the topic.

As fans eagerly await further details, Foxx's candid approach to discussing his health scare has garnered attention and support from the public. With his unique blend of humor and vulnerability, Foxx continues to captivate audiences, promising to shed light on his journey in a way that resonates with fans.

As the actor prepares to unveil more information about his hospitalization, the entertainment world remains intrigued by Foxx's resilience and determination to share his story in a manner that reflects his comedic spirit.


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