Investigator says Sean 'Diddy' Combs hotel video could impact federal case

The recent release of hotel security footage showing Sean "Diddy" Combs allegedly assaulting his then-girlfriend Cassie Ventura has sparked new interest in the federal investigation into the entertainment mogul. The video, recorded in 2016 but only recently obtained by CNN, shows Combs attacking Ventura in a Los Angeles hotel hallway.

Derrick Parker, a former investigator with the NYPD's rap intelligence unit, believes that the release of this video will accelerate the case against Combs. Parker predicts that federal prosecutors will react strongly to the footage, potentially leading to racketeering charges against Combs.

Ventura had previously filed a lawsuit against Combs in November, alleging physical and sexual abuse. The lawsuit described a violent encounter in which Combs allegedly punched Ventura in the face, giving her a black eye. The parties settled for an undisclosed sum the following day.

In addition to Ventura's allegations, more accusers have come forward with civil lawsuits against Combs. Federal agents with Homeland Security Investigations raided two of Combs' mansions in March, leading to speculation of criminal charges. One of Combs' associates was also arrested on drug charges in Miami.

Parker believes that the evidence presented in Ventura's case will be subpoenaed by the Justice Department, potentially overriding any nondisclosure agreements reached in settlements. He warns that the video evidence will likely damage Combs' defense significantly.

Combs' legal team has not responded to requests for comment on the matter. The allegations against Combs range from physical and sexual abuse to drug trafficking and racketeering. The investigation into Combs' conduct continues, and the release of the hotel security footage has shed new light on the case.


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