'Inside Out 2' boosted summer box office and justified Pixar's sequels

This past weekend, Disney showcased its box-office prowess with the release of Pixar's "Inside Out 2," which had a stellar opening weekend. The film raked in $155 million domestically and $295 million worldwide, making it the biggest three-day opening of the year. This success solidified its position as the second-biggest domestic opening ever for an animated movie, trailing behind another Pixar hit, 2018's "Incredibles 2."

The summer movie season of 2024 seems to be a season of comebacks, with audiences showing up in droves for "Bad Boys: Ride or Die" the previous weekend, further proving that moviegoers are willing to forgive and forget. Despite some missteps in recent years, such as releasing films straight to Disney+ and botched marketing campaigns, the impressive box-office numbers for "Inside Out 2" demonstrate that audiences still have a strong appetite for Pixar titles on the big screen.

The success of "Inside Out 2" can be attributed to several factors. First, the film is a sequel to the beloved and Oscar-winning original, "Inside Out," which won the Best Animated Feature award in 2015. The familiarity of the characters and premise likely contributed to its box-office success. Additionally, the film's timing couldn't have been better, as it was released during the summer break when kids are out of school.

Furthermore, "Inside Out 2" plays it safe by avoiding any overtly controversial or politically charged themes, a departure from some of Disney's recent films that have faced backlash for their diverse storytelling. This strategy seems to have paid off, as the film's success indicates that audiences are hungry for good children's titles in theaters.

Ultimately, Disney's decision to release "Inside Out 2" on a record number of screens and at the perfect time seems to have paid off, reaffirming Pixar's stronghold on the box office and its ability to draw in audiences of all ages.


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