House votes on banning TikTok in US unless sold to American company

The House of Representatives recently passed a bill that could potentially lead to a ban on the popular social media app TikTok in the United States. The bill, if enacted, would require TikTok's Chinese owner, ByteDance, to sell the app to an American company within a year or face a ban in the country. This legislation is part of broader efforts to address national security concerns related to TikTok, as ByteDance is mandated to share data with the Chinese government.

The bill was fast-tracked by House Speaker Mike Johnson, who combined it with other legislation related to Russian asset confiscation and aid for countries like Taiwan, Israel, and Ukraine. The bundled package is expected to move to the Senate, where it is anticipated to pass. President Joe Biden has indicated his intention to sign the legislation if it reaches his desk.

The potential ban on TikTok has been a long-standing issue in American politics, with former President Donald Trump also seeking to ban the app during his time in office. Concerns over data privacy and national security have fueled the push for this legislation, as TikTok boasts a significant user base in the United States.

While the bill could result in a forced sale of TikTok rather than an outright ban, ByteDance has expressed concerns and is prepared to challenge the legislation in court. The company believes that the legislation is designed to ultimately lead to a complete ban of TikTok in the United States.

As the bill moves to the Senate for consideration, the future of TikTok in the United States remains uncertain, with potential legal battles looming on the horizon. Stay tuned for further developments on this issue.


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