Four NFL players suspended for violating gambling policy in recent crackdown

The NFL has suspended four players for allegedly violating the league's gambling policy. This comes after six other players were suspended earlier this year as the NFL cracks down on gambling violations. The players, including Indianapolis Colts cornerback Isaiah Rodgers, have been suspended indefinitely, but they will be able to petition for reinstatement at the end of the 2023 season.

Rodgers, along with Rashod Berry and free agent Demetrius Taylor, were accused of betting on NFL games during the 2022 season while playing in the NFL. Tennessee Titans player Nicholas Petit-Frere was also suspended for the first six regular season games of the 2023 season for reportedly betting on non-NFL sports at NFL facilities.

The NFL strictly prohibits players from engaging in any form of gambling at club or league facilities, including practice facilities. These recent suspensions are unusual for professional sports leagues, as gambling violations are typically rare. However, they come in the wake of the rapid legalization of sports betting across the United States.

Prior to these recent actions, the NFL had not penalized any players for gambling violations from 1983 to 2019. However, since the increased legalization of sports betting in 2019, the number of suspensions has grown. Before the latest announcement, seven players had already been suspended for violating the gambling policy, including star wide receiver Calvin Ridley, who was suspended in 2022 for sports betting.

It is worth noting that sports betting is legal in 37 U.S. states, according to Forbes.

Overall, the NFL's enforcement of its zero-tolerance gambling rule through significant penalties demonstrates its commitment to maintaining the integrity of the game and upholding its policies. The suspensions serve as a warning to players about the consequences of violating the league's gambling policy, and the players will have the opportunity to seek reinstatement at a later time.


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