Elon Musk ends partnership with Don Lemon after interview

Former CNN anchor Don Lemon recently announced that a planned partnership with X owner Elon Musk for a new show on the social network has been canceled. Lemon revealed that he was informed of the decision shortly after taping an interview with Musk for the premiere of The Don Lemon Show. Lemon stated that he had a respectful and wide-ranging conversation with Musk during the interview, covering topics such as SpaceX and the presidential election.

In response to the cancellation, Lemon's spokesperson, Allison Gollust, stated that Lemon intends to be paid for the partnership and is prepared to take legal action if necessary. Musk cited concerns about authenticity, suggesting that Lemon was speaking on behalf of former CNN president Jeff Zucker during the interview.

Despite the partnership being called off, Lemon plans to continue with his show, with the interview with Musk still set to be released on various platforms. X released a statement indicating that while they support creators and provide a platform for them to reach new audiences, they reserve the right to make decisions about their business partnerships.

Overall, the situation between Lemon and Musk highlights the complexities of partnerships in the media industry, and the importance of communication and understanding between all parties involved.


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