Ellen DeGeneres addresses reputation in stand-up return

Ellen DeGeneres made headlines once again as she addressed the controversy that led to her exit from the entertainment industry two years ago. During a recent show in Santa Rosa, California, the comedian adamantly denied being a cruel person, stating, “I am many things, but I am not mean.”

The controversy surrounding DeGeneres began in 2020 when BuzzFeed News published a report featuring accounts from current and former employees of her daytime talk show. These employees accused DeGeneres and show executives of creating a toxic work environment, including making inappropriate comments about race, firing staff for taking medical leave, and fostering a culture of fear.

In response to the backlash, DeGeneres issued a public apology and announced the end of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” after its 19th season. Despite the scandal, DeGeneres seemed to make light of the situation during her stand-up performance, joking about getting “kicked out of show business for being mean” and making light-hearted remarks about her age and sexual orientation.

However, shortly after the show in Santa Rosa, several tour dates were abruptly canceled, according to Deadline. This unexpected move raises questions about the future of DeGeneres’ career and whether she will continue to perform stand-up comedy.

DeGeneres’ handling of the controversy and her subsequent remarks during her performance reflect a mix of defiance, humor, and self-awareness. Whether this approach will help repair her tarnished reputation or further damage it remains to be seen. As the public continues to scrutinize DeGeneres’ actions and statements, the future of her career and legacy in the entertainment industry remains uncertain.


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