Dozens of Duke students walk out during Seinfeld's speech, chant 'free Palestine'

On Sunday, legendary comedian Jerry Seinfeld delivered a commencement speech at Duke University, where dozens of students walked out in protest. Some of the protesters chanted "free Palestine" as they left the stadium, while others carried Palestinian flags. Seinfeld, who is Jewish and a vocal supporter of Israel, received an honorary degree from the university.

Despite the walkout and protest, Seinfeld delivered his speech without major interruptions. He opened his speech with some jokes before sharing his "three real keys to life," which are to work hard, pay attention, and fall in love. The comedian emphasized the importance of making an effort in whatever one is doing, even if the outcome is not the desired result.

Seinfeld has been a vocal supporter of Israel, especially since the deadly attack launched by Hamas terrorists on Oct. 7. He posted an "I Stand With Israel" image on his Instagram account following the attack and visited Israel with his family in December, where he reportedly had an emotional meeting with freed hostages and representatives of families whose loved ones are still held captive in Gaza.

While the walkout and protest may have overshadowed Seinfeld's commencement speech at Duke University, the comedian stayed true to his message of working hard and making an effort in life. Despite the controversy surrounding his support for Israel, Seinfeld's speech focused on positivity and perseverance, leaving a lasting impression on the graduates in attendance.


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