$5 bettor wins almost $500,000 by correctly picking 14 NFL scorers at Christmas

In a stroke of incredible luck, an NFL fan named Travis Dufner is now almost half a million dollars richer after his parlay bet on Christmas Day paid off. Dufner placed a $5 bet that 14 different players would score touchdowns during Week 16 of the NFL season, with the hope of winning a massive payout. Throughout the week, 11 of his guesses had proven correct, bringing him closer to victory. He woke up on Christmas morning needing just three more players to score in order to win the prize.

Dufner's hopes were kept alive when Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Isiah Pacheco and Philadelphia Eagles running back D'Andre Swift both scored during their respective games on Monday afternoon. This left Dufner anxiously awaiting the final game of the week, in which San Francisco 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey needed to score a touchdown against the Baltimore Ravens.

Expressing confidence in McCaffrey, Dufner shared his anticipation and excitement on social media. His faith in the MVP candidate paid off when McCaffrey made a nine-yard run into the end zone just before halftime, securing the win for Dufner.

In a video shared on social media, Dufner can be seen celebrating with his friends, throwing his hands up in victory and holding his head in disbelief. The total payout from DraftKings Sportsbook amounted to $489,383.

Dufner had previously mentioned on social media that he had placed similar parlays in the past, but had never come close to winning such a significant amount. This unexpected windfall undoubtedly made for a very Merry Christmas for Dufner.

Overall, this story highlights the unpredictable nature of sports betting and the thrill of a big win. While such victories are rare, they serve as a reminder that anyone can strike it lucky with the right combination of events.


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