Disney will issue lifetime bans for guests who fake disabilities

Disney has recently announced changes to its theme park policies for guests with disabilities in an effort to address the misuse of its Disability Access Services program. According to a report by Business Insider, there has been an increase in guests exploiting the program to skip lines and avoid crowds, prompting the company to take action.

The updated policies, which were posted on the official Walt Disney World and Disneyland websites, now specify who can use the Disability Access Services program. Guests who attempt to misuse the program will face a lifetime ban from the parks. The service is intended for guests with developmental disabilities, such as autism, who are unable to wait in conventional queues for extended periods of time.

The new policies will go into effect on May 20 at Walt Disney World and on June 18 at Disneyland. While some, like theme park expert Dennis Speigel, believe the changes will be beneficial in curbing abuse of the program, others, such as Disney guest Stacey Crane, are concerned about the impact on guests with various health issues.

In addition to the changes to the Disability Access Services program, Disney also recently cracked down on third-party tour guides who were helping guests with disabilities navigate the parks. This move further emphasizes the company's commitment to ensuring fair and equal access for all guests.

Overall, the updates to Disney's theme park policies for guests with disabilities aim to strike a balance between preventing misuse of the program and providing necessary accommodations for those who truly need them. As the new policies go into effect, it remains to be seen how they will impact the overall guest experience at Disney's parks.


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