Disney+ integrates with Hulu to enhance streaming bundles

Disney is taking steps to integrate its Hulu streaming platform with its Disney+ service in an effort to attract more subscribers. The full launch of the integration is expected in March 2024. Previously, Disney offered a bundle of Disney+ and Hulu, but this move is part of a larger effort to merge the two platforms. In October, Disney announced its plans to buy the remaining one-third stake in Hulu that was owned by Comcast's NBCUniversal.

Joe Earley, the president of direct-to-consumer for Disney, expressed excitement about the bundle, calling it an "unbelievable value" for subscribers. The two streaming platforms have different content offerings, with Disney+ focusing on family-oriented content and Hulu catering more towards adult dramas and unscripted TV. The gradual launch of the integration will allow parents to adjust parental controls before the full release in March.

This integration comes as other streaming services are also exploring bundle options. Paramount and Apple are reportedly considering a bundle of their streaming platforms, while Netflix and Warner Bros. Discovery's Max have partnered with Verizon to offer a joint bundle. Disney first announced its bundle of Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu in 2019.

Overall, Disney's move to integrate Hulu into its Disney+ platform is aimed at providing more value to subscribers by offering a wider range of content. It also aligns with the trend of streaming services exploring bundle options to attract and retain customers. With the full launch expected in March 2024, it remains to be seen how successful this integration will be and whether it will drive more subscribers to the Disney+ platform.


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