David Beckham chosen as brand ambassador for AliExpress

AliExpress, the international e-commerce site owned by Alibaba, has announced a new brand ambassador in the form of soccer star David Beckham. This move comes as the Chinese giant aims to appeal to a global audience and compete with rising rivals like Temu and Shein, who have been gaining popularity abroad.

Beckham will serve as the face of AliExpress's "Score More with AliExpress" campaign, which will run through July 14 in conjunction with the UEFA Euro 2024 tournament. As part of the partnership, AliExpress is investing millions of euros to sponsor the tournament and drive user engagement to its app by offering time-limited prizes every time a goal is scored.

The decision to bring Beckham on board as a brand ambassador aligns with Alibaba's overall strategy to secure its future in the face of challenges from the Chinese government, e-commerce competitors, and a significant antitrust fine. In a recent motivational memo to employees, cofounder Jack Ma expressed confidence in the strength and bravery of the Alibaba team amidst internal and external pressures.

Gary Topp, European Commercial Director at AliExpress, highlighted Beckham as an ideal choice to showcase the ease of winning with AliExpress during the UEFA Euro 2024 tournament. This partnership underscores the company's commitment to engaging with consumers on a global scale and staying competitive in the rapidly evolving e-commerce landscape.

Overall, the addition of David Beckham as a brand ambassador for AliExpress reflects a strategic move by Alibaba to enhance its global presence and connect with consumers during a high-profile sporting event.


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