Damar Hamlin's decision to return to NFL football

Damar Hamlin, the Buffalo Bills safety who suffered an on-field cardiac arrest during a "Monday Night Football" game in January, has been cleared to return to the NFL. In an interview at the CNBC CEO Council Summit, Hamlin stated that he never doubted his decision to return to football, as the sport has always been his escape from the world and a source of courage for him. Hamlin experienced commotio cordis, a rare cardiac condition that occurs when there is blunt impact to the chest at the same moment as the heart is preparing to contract. The condition can disrupt the heartbeat and cause sudden cardiac arrest. Hamlin has become a prominent spokesman for heart health through a partnership with the American Heart Association and is a major backer of efforts to provide more life-saving critical medical equipment and training in schools. Doctors have confirmed that Hamlin is in good enough health to play football again, and it is very rare for someone to suffer from commotio cordis twice, or for survivors to be more likely to experience other heart-related issues. While one in four cardiac arrest survivors can develop major post-traumatic stress, Hamlin is focused on the future and on growing from the experience.


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