Contents of $180,000 gift bag for Oscar nominees revealed

As the 94th Academy Awards approaches, the spotlight is on the nominees who will be vying for the coveted Oscar statuette. However, even those who don't walk away with an award will still receive a lavish gift bag courtesy of LA-based marketing company Distinctive Assets.

For the 22nd year in a row, the "Everybody Wins" gift bags are being distributed to the nominees in the top categories, valued at approximately $180,000. The bags are filled with over 50 gifts, ranging from a $15 Rubik's cube to a $50,000 stay at a Swiss ski chalet.

The recipients of this year's gift bag include the nominees in the acting and directing categories, as well as Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel. Notably, Greta Gerwig, director of the highest-grossing film of the year, "Barbie," will also receive a gift bag, despite not receiving a Best Director nomination.

While the maximum value of the gift bag is eye-popping, only around $10,000 worth of goods are actually contained in the bag itself. Recipients will need to pay taxes on the value of the items in the bag, but additional gifts like luxury vacations will only incur a tax penalty if they are redeemed.

Overall, the gift bags serve as a token of appreciation for the nominees' hard work and dedication throughout awards season. Whether they take advantage of the extravagant gifts or not, the gesture is a symbolic end to the Oscars festivities for these talented individuals.


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