Colin Burgess, the original AC/DC drummer, passes away at 77

In a recent announcement on their social media accounts, Australian rock band AC/DC confirmed the death of their original drummer, Colin Burgess, at the age of 77. The band expressed their sadness and described Burgess as their first drummer and a highly respected musician. No cause of death was provided.

Burgess joined AC/DC in November 1973, along with Malcolm Young on rhythm guitar, Angus Young on lead guitar, lead vocalist Dave Evans, and bassist Larry Van Kriedt. However, his time with the band was short-lived as he was dismissed in February 1974, with the band accusing him of being intoxicated during a performance. Burgess later claimed that his drink had been spiked. Following his departure, AC/DC went through several drummers, with Burgess temporarily filling in for one of them in 1975.

Prior to his involvement with AC/DC, Burgess played with the Australian rock group The Masters Apprentices, which was honored with induction into the Australian Recording Industry Association Hall of Fame in 1998.

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In summary, the passing of Colin Burgess, the original drummer of AC/DC, has been confirmed by the band. Burgess played a crucial role in the early days of the group but was later dismissed due to allegations of intoxication on stage. He had a notable career in the Australian music scene and was previously associated with The Masters Apprentices.


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