CNN unveils new daytime show format

CNN has announced a revamp of its dayside programming, with a new format that will be split into two blocks of three hours each. The first block will air from 9am-12pm ET and be anchored by John Berman, Kate Bolduan and Sara Sidner. The second block will air from 1pm-4pm ET and be anchored by Brianna Keilar, Boris Sanchez and Jim Sciutto. John King's "Inside Politics" will continue to air at noon ET. The current anchors of "CNN Newsroom", Victor Blackwell and Alisyn Camerota, will transition to new roles, while Jim Acosta will expand his role on the weekends and Pamela Brown will become the network's Chief Investigative Correspondent. The new schedules will take effect in the coming months.

This revamp of CNN's dayside programming is the latest move by Chris Licht, who took over as chairman and chief executive of CNN in early 2022. Last year, he had already reimagined the weekday morning show and is still looking for a 9pm host, after the firing of Chris Cuomo in 2021. The new schedule, which will focus on new formats and anchors, is likely to bring a fresh perspective to the network's reporting and programming.


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