CNN head Chris Licht departs from network after tumultuous tenure

CNN head Chris Licht has reportedly left the news network after a brief and tumultuous tenure. The reasons for his departure have not been made public. Meanwhile, the Canadian wildfire smoke continues to impact air quality in various US cities and states, with New York City expected to experience the worst air quality yet. A map shows which areas are currently affected. In other news, a man with a twin living inside him is causing a medical mystery, and a graduate and his father were killed in a mass shooting after a high school graduation. Wildfire smoke has also returned to parts of the Midwest and Northeast.

The above news stories were reported by ABC News, which provides a range of news coverage on its website. The site includes live updates on current events, such as the Canadian wildfire smoke and its impact on air quality. It also features stories on climate change, including the return of wildfire smoke to certain areas.

ABC News also covers entertainment news, such as the departure of Chris Licht from CNN, and human interest stories, such as the medical mystery of a man with a twin living inside him. However, it also reports on tragic events, such as the mass shooting that killed a graduate and his father after a high school graduation.

Overall, ABC News aims to provide a comprehensive view of current events, covering a variety of topics from different perspectives. While the reporting is factual and unbiased, the stories themselves may evoke different emotions in readers depending on their personal views and experiences.


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