Christina Ricci Almost Sued Over Sex Scene

Christina Ricci, an actor with 35 years of experience in the entertainment industry, recently appeared on “The View” to talk about the upcoming season of her Showtime series “Yellowjackets”. During the interview, Ricci discussed the changes she has seen in her career, particularly with regards to boundaries and respect for actors.

Ricci recounted a time when she attempted to set a boundary for herself but was denied. She believes this is an example of how the industry has changed in recent years, allowing actors to take ownership of their bodies and experiences. Ricci also discussed the role of intimacy coordinators in the industry, which have become increasingly common in the last few years. Intimacy coordinators help actors navigate difficult scenes and ensure that everyone involved is comfortable and respected.

Ricci believes these changes in the industry are positive and empowering for actors. She hopes that this new management style will continue to help actors feel protected and respected in their work.


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