Celine Dion cancels all concerts due to health condition

Celine Dion has cancelled her Courage world tour due to her ongoing battle with Stiff Person Syndrome, a rare neurological disorder that affects one in a million people. The condition causes muscles to tense uncontrollably, ultimately leaving sufferers unable to walk or talk. Dion announced the tour's cancellation on Instagram, expressing her disappointment and stating that she is working hard to build back her strength. The singer had previously postponed her planned shows after publicly sharing her diagnosis in December. Dion has been open about her struggles with the disorder, including how it affects every aspect of her daily life and makes it difficult for her to walk and use her vocal cords. While there is no cure for Stiff Person Syndrome, there are treatments that slow down the progression, and Dion has been doing all she can to minimize symptoms, including working with a sports medicine therapist. Dion's fans flooded her with messages of support, urging her to take all the time she needs for the sake of her health. Stiff Person Syndrome is an extremely rare disorder that makes the muscles in the torso and limbs alternate between spasming and being rigid. Estimates suggest it affects only about one or two in a million people and around twice as many women as men. The progressive disease sees patients' stiffness increase over time and can lead to them needing to use a wheelchair. Experts do not know exactly what is behind the disease, but they believe it may be caused by an autoimmune reaction, when the body attacks its own nerve cells that control muscle movement.


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