Caitlin Clark chosen first by Indiana Fever in WNBA draft

Caitlin Clark, the former star player from Iowa, was selected as the No. 1 pick in the WNBA draft by the Indiana Fever on Monday night. Clark, who announced her decision to turn pro in February, has gained widespread fame for her incredible basketball skills, including her scoring ability and passing finesse. Her presence in the league is expected to draw even more attention to women's basketball, as evidenced by the record-breaking viewership numbers during the NCAA championship game.

The draft, which took place at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in front of a sold-out crowd of 1,000 fans, also saw other talented players being selected, such as Aaliyah Edwards from Canada. The WNBA commissioner, Cathy Engelbert, announced plans to expand the league to 16 teams by 2028, with a new franchise in San Francisco joining next year. Potential cities for further expansion include Philadelphia, Toronto, Portland, Denver, Nashville, and South Florida.

Engelbert also revealed that the league will continue to prioritize player welfare by providing charter flights for playoff teams and for back-to-back games that require air travel. Additionally, an expansion draft is set to take place later this year for the new Golden State team, allowing them to build their roster before the upcoming season.

Overall, the WNBA draft showcased the talent and potential of women's basketball players, with Clark leading the way as the top pick. The league's continued growth and expansion efforts signal a promising future for women's sports and the continued advancement of opportunities for female athletes in the basketball world.


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