Bumble founder suggests AI dating for the future of online dating

At the Bloomberg Technology Summit this week, Bumble founder Whitney Wolfe Herd discussed the potential impact of AI on modern dating. She highlighted the possibility of using AI to facilitate "healthy and equitable relationships" and alleviate pressure on human users. One example she mentioned was the concept of an "AI dating concierge" that could offer advice and guidance to users on navigating insecurities and communicating with others.

Wolfe Herd also raised the idea of AI dating concierges interacting with each other to determine potential matches, minimizing the need for individuals to sift through numerous profiles. This approach, she suggested, could streamline the dating process by presenting users with a curated selection of matches based on their preferences.

In a previous interview with Bloomberg in September 2023, Wolfe Herd discussed how AI could help individuals learn how to flirt and feel more confident in their interactions with potential partners. By leveraging chatbots and other AI tools, she believed that modern daters could overcome obstacles such as fear of rejection or uncertainty about social cues.

In related news, Bumble recently announced a new feature called "Opening Moves," which allows women to set a question that all their matches can respond to, including men. This change reflects a shift away from Bumble's original premise of women making the first move in the online dating sphere. Bumble CEO Lidiane Jones emphasized that the goal of this feature was to provide women with more agency and flexibility in initiating conversations with potential matches.

Overall, the discussions around AI and dating at the Bloomberg Technology Summit suggest that technology could play a significant role in reshaping the way people approach relationships and interactions in the digital age. As Bumble continues to innovate and adapt to the evolving needs of its users, it will be interesting to see how AI influences the future of online dating.


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