Bob Barker, beloved 'The Price Is Right' host, dies at 99

Renowned game show host and animal rights activist, Bob Barker, passed away at the age of 99 at his home due to natural causes. The announcement was made by his publicist, Roger Neal, who expressed deep sadness over the loss.

Born on December 12, 1923, in Darrington, Washington, Barker initially worked part-time in radio while in college. In 1950, he was given his own radio show, titled "The Bob Barker Show," which ran for six years. Barker's game show career began in 1956 when he started hosting "Truth or Consequences."

After the death of his wife, Dorothy Jo, at the age of 57 in 1981, Barker became an advocate for animal rights and animal rights activism. He retired from hosting "The Price Is Right" in 2007 after a 50-year career on television but continued to make occasional public appearances until 2017.

Throughout his career, Barker received numerous accolades, including 19 Daytime Emmy Awards. Fourteen of these awards were for Outstanding Game Show Host for "The Price Is Right," while four were for "Outstanding Game Show" as the show's executive producer. In addition to hosting various game shows, Barker also served as the host of the Miss Universe and Miss USA pageants from 1967 to 1987, making him the longest-serving host of those pageants.

Barker's contributions to the entertainment industry were recognized with an Emmy Award for Lifetime Achievement in 1999 and his induction into the Television Academy's Hall of Fame in 2004.

Bob Barker's passing marks the end of an era in the game show industry. His charismatic hosting style, dedication to animal rights, and impressive career accomplishments have left a lasting impact. He will be remembered as a beloved figure in television history.


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