Ben Affleck Talks About Marriage and Jennifer Lopez's Fame

Ben Affleck recently sat down for an interview with Kevin Hart, where he discussed his struggles with fame, particularly in relation to his wife, Jennifer Lopez. Affleck admitted that he is still getting used to the level of attention that comes with being married to someone as famous as Lopez. He shared anecdotes about raising his children in the spotlight, including a humorous moment in New York City where a woman recognized Lopez and caused a commotion.

Affleck also discussed his past relationships, including his engagement with Lopez in 2002 that was called off due to intense media scrutiny. He married Jennifer Garner in 2005 but divorced in 2018, and is now navigating fame with Lopez once again. Affleck confessed that he second-guesses raising his children in the public eye and often talks with Lopez about the challenges they face.

The actor also addressed his own public image, acknowledging that his "resting bitch face" often gets him into trouble. Despite his shy nature and dislike of attention, Affleck found himself in the spotlight once again with his impromptu elopement with Lopez in Las Vegas in 2022. He reflected on the perception people have of him based on his facial expressions and admitted that he has been unfairly judged in the past.

Overall, Ben Affleck's interview with Kevin Hart provided insight into his personal struggles with fame, relationships, and public perception. As he continues to navigate the ups and downs of being in the public eye, Affleck remains introspective and open about the challenges he faces.


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