Award-winning composer explains why AI won't replace human musicians

In a recent development, a creator named Ghostwriter released a song called "Heart On My Sleeve" that used AI-generated voices of popular singers The Weeknd and Drake. The song gained viral popularity online and was even submitted for a Grammy award. This raises the question of whether the future of music could be dominated by AI artists rather than human musicians.

However, according to Joel Beckerman, an award-winning composer and co-founder of Made Music Studio, there is no immediate concern that AI will completely replace composers. Beckerman points out a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, people connect with artists' stories and songs. While AI may be able to replicate an artist's voice and even produce similar lyrics, it lacks the ability to draw from personal experiences and emotions like human musicians can. The meaningful stories and connections that artists create with their fans cannot be duplicated by AI.

Secondly, programming creativity is a complex task. AI models use algorithms to process vast amounts of data and generate new content. However, the process of human creativity is not fully understood, making it difficult to replicate with an algorithm. Without a scientific understanding of consciousness and creativity, it is challenging to instill these qualities in an artificial system.

While AI may not replace human musicians entirely, it is likely to disrupt the music industry in other ways. AI tools may be utilized to create background music for minor scenes in movies or generic music for restaurants to enhance the dining experience. This "good enough" music may replace the need for human musicians in certain contexts.

Beckerman raises concerns that AI music tools could make it harder for musicians to break into the industry. If companies opt for AI-generated music for certain purposes, it may restrict opportunities for emerging artists to showcase their talent and improve their skills.

In conclusion, the future of music may see the integration of AI-generated music, but it is unlikely to completely replace human musicians. The unique human experiences and connections that artists create with their fans cannot be replicated by AI. However, the use of AI tools may disrupt certain aspects of the music industry and potentially hinder opportunities for emerging musicians.


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