Alonzo Mourning has prostate cancer and surgery

Alonzo Mourning, former NBA star and Hall of Fame center, recently revealed his battle with prostate cancer. The 54-year-old athlete shared that he had Stage 3 prostate cancer with a Gleason score of 8, indicating a high-grade aggressive form of the disease. After undergoing surgery to remove his prostate in mid-March, Mourning shared his journey with ESPN reporter Adrian Wojnarowski.

Mourning's PSA screening blood test scores had been increasing in late 2022, leading to further tests and a biopsy that confirmed the diagnosis. The Gleason score, a grading system used to determine the aggressiveness of the cancer cells, helped guide his treatment plan. Fortunately, a PET scan showed that the cancer had not spread beyond the prostate capsule, keeping it at Stage 3 and increasing his chances of successful treatment.

In recent months, other public figures like former NIH Director Francis Collins and actor Michael Richards have also shared their prostate cancer diagnoses, bringing attention to the importance of early detection and screening. Mourning emphasized the need for men to get their PSA checked regularly, as prostate cancer often does not present symptoms until later stages.

Despite the potential impact of prostate cancer treatment on urinary and sexual function, Mourning's openness about his experience aims to raise awareness and encourage more men to prioritize their health. As a respected athlete and public figure, Mourning's decision to share his journey adds a powerful voice to the conversation around prostate cancer.

Ultimately, Mourning's story serves as a reminder of the importance of regular screenings and early detection in improving outcomes for prostate cancer patients. By sharing his experience, he hopes to inspire more men to take proactive steps in managing their health and addressing potential health concerns.


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