AI-generated music can now contend for Grammys

The Recording Academy recently announced a series of changes to the Grammy Awards in an effort to better reflect the evolving music industry. One of the notable changes involves the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in popular music. According to the new guidelines, only works that contain human authorship are eligible for consideration in any Grammy category.

Recording Academy CEO and President Harvey Mason Jr. clarified that music that contains AI-created elements is eligible for entry and consideration for Grammy nomination. However, the AI portion of the music will not be eligible for a Grammy or nomination. Mason emphasized that the goal is to ensure that technology enhances and adds to human creativity, rather than replacing it.

The decision comes as the music industry grapples with the increasing use of AI in music creation. Recently, a song attributed to Drake and The Weeknd, which was generated by AI, gained significant popularity before being pulled by one of the labels. Such instances have sparked discussions and debates within the industry.

Mason further explained that if an AI or voice modelling program performs the lead vocal on a song, it would be eligible in a songwriting category but not a performance category. On the other hand, if a human performs the song while the AI writes the lyrics or track, it would not be eligible in a composition or songwriting category.

The Recording Academy has conducted extensive research and engaged in discussions with industry experts and copyright offices to establish the AI guidelines. Mason stated that the conversations around AI and its impact on music creation have intensified in the past six months.

While it remains to be seen what works will be submitted for Grammy consideration, Mason believes that AI will play a role in many records and songs this year. The 2024 Grammy Awards will take place in Los Angeles and will be broadcast live on CBS and livestreamed on Paramount+.

In conclusion, the Recording Academy has implemented new guidelines regarding the use of AI in music for the Grammy Awards. The aim is to ensure that human creativity is enhanced and not replaced by technology. AI-created elements are eligible for consideration, but the AI portion itself will not be eligible for a Grammy or nomination. The decision reflects the ongoing discussions and debates within the music industry regarding the use of AI in music creation.


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