Aaron Rodgers will not appear on the Pat McAfee show again this season

In a recent announcement on "The Pat McAfee Show," host Pat McAfee stated that New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers has made his final appearance of the season. McAfee expressed his satisfaction with this news, stating that he and many others will be relieved to no longer have Rodgers in their mentions. Originally scheduled to appear throughout the playoffs, Rodgers' fourth season as a guest on the show comes to an end amid a feud with Jimmy Kimmel. The feud began when Rodgers suggested that Kimmel could be on a list of Jeffrey Epstein associates. During his final appearance on the show, Rodgers discussed the Kimmel feud and his controversial thoughts on Covid.

McAfee has been loyal to Rodgers throughout the drama, acknowledging his accomplishments as a Hall of Famer and four-time MVP. However, McAfee also recognizes that some of Rodgers' thoughts and opinions have upset many people. McAfee expressed his relief that he will no longer have to deal with the fallout from the controversy every Wednesday. It's worth noting that McAfee himself faced criticism after calling ESPN executive Norby Williamson "a rat" and accusing him of sabotaging the show in response to a story about the show's struggling ratings published by The Post.

The Kimmel-Rodgers feud dates back to 2021, and on Monday, Kimmel mentioned that he would accept an apology from Rodgers but wasn't holding his breath. Kimmel also criticized Rodgers for not apologizing when he makes mistakes, contrasting it with his own willingness to apologize. The future of the feud remains uncertain.

Overall, the drama surrounding Aaron Rodgers and his appearance on "The Pat McAfee Show" has come to an end for this season. McAfee and others may be relieved to move on from the controversy, while the Kimmel-Rodgers feud continues to linger.


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