Study finds increased risk of death, heart, lung issues with Long Covid

A recent study published in JAMA Health Forum has highlighted the existence of a condition referred to as ‘long Covid’ which can last from months to years and is associated with numerous adverse health outcomes, including an increased risk of death, cardiovascular events, and pulmonary conditions.

The study found that up to one-third of Covid-19 cases can become ‘long Covid’. Those hospitalized within a month of infection had the highest risk of long Covid, as well as those with certain risk factors such as older age, female gender, tobacco use, higher body mass index, and experiencing more symptoms during the acute Covid-19 illness.

The authors of the study also noted that vaccination prior to infection has been associated with a decreased risk of long Covid. They call for continued efforts to prevent Covid-19 infections and enhanced health monitoring of individuals after an infection.

The findings of the JAMA Health Forum study are important in helping to identify those at risk of developing long Covid and in developing strategies to prevent and reduce the severity of this condition. It is vital that we continue to take steps to prevent Covid-19 infections and to monitor the health of those who have already been infected.


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