New Canadian Covid Society aims to address long-term effects and prevent illness

A new national non-profit organization called the Canadian Covid Society has been launched by a group of co-founders who believe that public health agencies have scaled back on COVID-19 prevention measures and awareness campaigns. Dr. Joe Vipond, one of the co-founders, expressed concern that public health efforts in his home province of Alberta have decreased significantly, with little mention of COVID-19 or long COVID.

The society aims to address the ongoing health impacts of COVID-19, which was the third leading cause of death in Canada in 2022. Dr. Kashif Pirzada, another co-founder, highlighted the continued stress on the health system and the need to support those with long COVID, estimated to affect 2.1 million Canadians. The society's mission includes educating and empowering the public with scientific knowledge to protect against the harms of COVID-19.

While the society seeks to fill a gap in public health efforts, it acknowledges the challenges faced by public health agencies in balancing medical concerns with public sentiment. As many Canadians are eager to move on from the pandemic, the society's co-founders recognize the delicate position of public health officials.

The Canadian Covid Society plans to generate funding through donations and grants to support its mission. It has not received government funds thus far. The Public Health Agency of Canada, Ontario's Minister of Health, and Alberta Health were contacted for comment on the society's position, with responses emphasizing the commitment to public health and ongoing efforts to address COVID-19.

Overall, the establishment of the Canadian Covid Society reflects a grassroots effort to continue addressing the impacts of COVID-19 and long COVID in Canada, filling a perceived gap in public health efforts. The society's founders hope to raise awareness and support for those affected by the ongoing health challenges posed by the virus.


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