Long Covid May Impact Heart Health

A new study published on Thursday investigating the link between long Covid and increased risk of cardiovascular health issues found that of the 5.8 million people included in the 11 studies reviewed, almost 450,000 experienced cardiovascular issues, which is 2.3-2.5% higher than other groups. Long Covid is when someone has new or lingering symptoms following recovery from a Covid infection. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported almost 15% of Americans over 18 have experienced long Covid, with 79% reporting limitations on their everyday activities and 27% reporting significant limitations. A February Nature study estimates over 65 million people globally have long Covid and over 200 symptoms have been identified.

Vaccines are considered to be the most effective preventative measure against long Covid, with vaccinated patients being 50% less likely to develop long Covid or post Covid syndrome, according to Dr. Devang Sanghavi. Chicago Blackhawks captain Jason Toews recently shared that he is dealing with long Covid symptoms, which has kept him from playing a game since January 28. Symptoms of long Covid include digestive problems, heart problems, respiratory problems and neurologic symptoms. People with underlying conditions, unvaccinated individuals and those who had multisystem inflammatory syndrome are most likely to develop long Covid. Children as young as six months of age are also at risk of developing long Covid.

Overall, it is important to be aware of the potential risk of long Covid, as well as the preventative measures that can be taken against it. Vaccines are the most effective preventative measure, while people with underlying conditions, those who had multisystem inflammatory syndrome and unvaccinated individuals are at a higher risk of developing long Covid. It is also important to note that children can also experience long Covid, with severe fatigue being the primary symptom.


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