China ends quarantine, eases travel restrictions for international travelers

The Chinese government has announced plans to end its mandatory quarantine requirement for international travelers, effective January 8th. This policy change follows a series of reductions in the length of the quarantine, from 14-21 days to seven and then five days.

The end of the quarantine is expected to drive up tourism to China, although travel may take some time to reach pre-pandemic levels. Experts have cautioned that fares and other prices in the tourism industry may be inflated in the short-term.

The Chinese government has implemented a number of measures to ensure the safety of travelers, including temperature checks and health screenings. Additionally, travelers from certain countries may be required to present a negative PCR test result.

The Chinese government has stated that the end of the quarantine requirement is a sign of progress and that it is committed to making travel to China as safe and convenient as possible. This policy shift is likely to have a positive impact on the Chinese economy, which has been heavily impacted by the pandemic.


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