Walmart plans to automate fridge restocking with AI technology

Walmart is implementing artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance its grocery delivery service. The company plans to offer AI-aided replenishment through its InHome delivery service, allowing customers to have groceries automatically added to their online orders based on their consumption patterns. The AI technology will analyze customer purchase patterns to determine the ideal frequency for restocking their essentials. This new feature aims to provide convenience and efficiency for customers by ensuring that their groceries are replenished before they run out.

The AI replenishment service will be distinct from Walmart's existing replenishment option, which allows customers to set up regular deliveries of essentials. With the AI technology, customers will have the flexibility to modify the items in their virtual cart if they are planning to be away from home.

This latest addition to Walmart's delivery offerings reflects the company's commitment to providing a range of convenient options for customers. Walmart introduced its InHome delivery service in 2019, allowing delivery personnel to enter customers' homes and place groceries directly in their refrigerators. The service costs $19.95 per month or $138 for an annual subscription.

In addition to InHome delivery, Walmart also collaborates with independent contractors for its Spark delivery service. Spark delivery workers deliver various goods, including groceries and electronics, to Walmart customers. It is important to note that Spark delivery workers are not authorized to enter customers' homes, which has caused confusion among some customers who mistakenly believe they can receive InHome deliveries through the Spark service.

Overall, Walmart's integration of AI technology into its grocery delivery service demonstrates the company's commitment to innovation and meeting customers' evolving needs. By leveraging AI to automate the replenishment process, Walmart aims to enhance the convenience and efficiency of its delivery service, providing customers with a seamless shopping experience.


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