UnitedHealth unit cyberattack hackers identified

A recent cyberattack on the UnitedHealth Group has raised concerns about the security of personal data and medical records. The Blackcat ransomware group, also known as ALPHV or Noberus, claimed to have stolen several terabytes of data, including medical insurance and health information, which they posted on the dark web. The group also stated that they targeted UnitedHealth's partners, such as Medicare, Tricare, and CVS Health.

Change Healthcare, a company that handles orders and patient payments, experienced a cybersecurity issue on the East Coast last week, leading to disruptions in processing patient orders at pharmacies. While Change Healthcare has not provided further details, they believe the issue is specific to their systems and not affecting other UnitedHealth Group operations.

The fallout from the cyberattack has the potential to impact consumers, with concerns about identity theft and credit score downgrades. Andrew Newman, Chief Technology Officer at ReasonLabs, expressed concern about the lack of transparency from UnitedHealth regarding the full extent of the hack.

Despite the disruptions, Walgreens and CVS Health have stated that their pharmacy operations and prescriptions were not significantly affected. UnitedHealth declined to provide additional comments on the incident.

Overall, the cyberattack on UnitedHealth Group and its partners has highlighted the vulnerability of personal and medical data in the healthcare industry. As investigations continue, consumers are advised to monitor their financial accounts and credit reports for any suspicious activity. The full extent of the impact of the cyberattack remains to be seen, but it serves as a reminder of the importance of robust cybersecurity measures in protecting sensitive information.


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