Uber CEO says Tesla will rely on them for robotaxis

In recent news, Tesla has been making strides in utilizing its full self-driving technology to power fleets of robotaxis. However, Uber's CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, has pointed out that Tesla will need additional tools to make this vision financially viable.

During a CNBC interview, Khosrowshahi praised Tesla and CEO Elon Musk, acknowledging them as leaders in electric vehicles. He emphasized Uber's readiness to work with any and all electric vehicle manufacturers, including Tesla, as the technology continues to evolve.

Khosrowshahi highlighted Uber's existing tools such as scheduling, pricing, and identity verification technology, which he believes are essential for any manufacturer of autonomous vehicles to offer rides. He expressed confidence in Uber's ability to drive demand for this promising technology.

While Musk reportedly discussed deploying Tesla's full self-driving technology with officials in China, the technology is still undergoing testing in the US. Reports suggest that the technology has faced challenges navigating certain areas, such as making left turns at busy intersections in San Francisco.

Overall, the collaboration between Tesla and Uber could lead to significant advancements in the development and deployment of autonomous vehicles. As the technology continues to progress, it will be interesting to see how both companies work together to bring about innovations in the transportation industry.


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