Twitter to take legal action against employee for leaking false info

Elon Musk recently made headlines when he announced that Twitter was taking legal action against an employee who he said was the source of a Platformer report that said Musk's tweets had been artificially boosted. The Platformer report claimed that some of Musk's tweets had been given more prominence than others due to a bug within the platform, though Musk has stated that this bug has since been fixed.

Twitter has yet to comment on the story, and Platformer has stood by its reporting. In response to the news, Musk has fired Twitter employees who have publicly criticized him.

The news has sparked debate about the power of online platforms and the accountability of their owners. Many have questioned whether large companies, such as Twitter and Tesla, are held to the same standard as smaller companies and individuals.

It remains to be seen what Twitter's response will be to the report and to Musk's legal action against its employee. For now, it appears that the Platformer report and Musk's actions have brought to light the power dynamics between large companies and their employees. It remains to be seen how this situation will be resolved, and the implications it will have for the future of online platforms.


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