Trump considering advisory role for Elon Musk at White House

Former President Trump is reportedly considering offering Elon Musk an advisory role in the White House if he wins the upcoming presidential election. The Wall Street Journal reported that Trump and Musk have discussed a potential role for the Tesla CEO to provide input on border security and economic policies, areas in which Musk has been vocal on social media.

Despite a previously contentious relationship, Trump and Musk have reportedly warmed to each other, with regular phone conversations taking place. Musk has been critical of liberal policies and the Biden administration's handling of border security, advocating for stricter measures. He has also expressed opposition to citizenship for illegal immigrants, as evidenced by a recent post on his social media platform X.

Musk's potential involvement in a Trump White House could complicate his leadership roles at companies like Tesla and SpaceX, as well as his commitments to other projects. Shareholders are set to vote on the reinstatement of his $56 billion pay package, which was previously rejected by a Delaware judge due to Musk's numerous commitments and the size of the package.

In addition to his political views, Musk has been active in advocating against a TikTok ban and has visited the southern border with Customs and Border Protection. His increasing involvement in political issues and potential advisory role in a Trump administration could have far-reaching implications for both his business ventures and his public image.

Overall, the potential partnership between Trump and Musk raises questions about the intersection of politics and business, and the influence that wealthy individuals like Musk can have on government policies.


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