Starlink's traffic nearly triples in booming year for Elon Musk

According to data from IT security firm Cloudflare, Starlink, Elon Musk's satellite network, has experienced a significant surge in usage in 2023. Global internet traffic from Starlink nearly tripled this year, as the service expanded to a number of new countries. In the US, Starlink traffic increased by two and a half times, while in Brazil, where the provider launched last year, traffic was 17 times greater than in 2022.

Starlink is now accessible in over 50 countries, including Kenya, the Philippines, and Zambia. This growth has solidified Starlink's dominance in the satellite communication sector, with rival networks such as Amazon's Project Kuiper and OneWeb still far from challenging Musk's SpaceX spin-off. Amazon even recently announced that SpaceX would carry several Project Kuiper satellites into orbit in 2025, demonstrating a reliance on SpaceX's infrastructure.

The rapid growth of Starlink has also added another potential billion-dollar business to Elon Musk's portfolio. Reports suggest that Musk is considering an initial public offering for Starlink as early as next year.

Overall, Starlink's usage has seen significant growth in 2023, expanding to new countries and potentially paving the way for an IPO.


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