Omnicom uses AI for efficient workflows through virtual assistant

Omnicom, a marketing and communications company based in New York, is leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance its data-driven marketing campaigns and streamline workflows. With over 5,000 clients in more than 70 countries, Omnicom recognized the challenge of deriving insights from its massive dataset of over 14 petabytes.

The company launched an in-house operating system called Omni in 2018 to address this issue. Omni enables employees to identify personalized consumer experiences, build audiences, and optimize project outputs. However, with such a vast amount of data, it was difficult for average employees to effectively utilize it.

To overcome this challenge, Omnicom partnered with Microsoft and gained access to the latest OpenAI GPT models via Azure, Microsoft's cloud computing platform. They developed Omni Assist, a generative AI virtual assistant that leverages Omnicom's own data. This AI tool allows users to extract insights through a natural human-like interface, significantly speeding up data analysis.

Omni Assist has undergone extensive prototyping and is currently in the closed beta stage, being rolled out to select Omnicom agencies and clients. The success of the generative AI is measured by the time taken to complete specific tasks. While human intervention is still necessary, the AI tool has significantly reduced the time required for analysis.

Omnicom also announced a partnership with Getty Images to incorporate a generative AI image tool into Omni Assist. This integration will allow users to produce commercially safe and legally indemnified images. The company also utilizes Google's Vertex AI platform and image generation model, Imagen.

Overall, Omnicom believes that finding the right balance between humans and machines will be transformational not just for their industry, but for every industry. By leveraging AI and data-driven decision-making, they aim to drive innovation and optimize marketing campaigns for their clients.


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