Nike cancels Portland store reopening due to theft and safety concerns

Nike has reportedly made the decision not to reopen its factory store in Portland, Oregon, which it closed temporarily last fall due to theft and safety issues. The Soul District Business Association (SBDA), the neighborhood's business group, confirmed Nike's decision in a phone call with the group's leaders. This news has been described by the SBDA as a major economic blow.

Nike stated that it cares deeply about Portland's North and Northeast community and that its store had provided access and connection to the brand for almost 40 years. The company also highlighted its commitment to supporting and uplifting the community. It plans to permanently close its current location and is considering future locations as part of the community's long-term revitalization plan. Nike intends to seek input from local community organizations and leaders to determine the best new location.

In February, Nike had offered to pay for off-duty police officers to enhance security at the store. However, this proposal did not come to fruition, and the company ultimately decided to abandon the store. The Portland Police expressed doubts about their ability to fulfill Nike's proposal due to officer staffing shortages resulting from the city's decision to defund its police department in 2020.

Portland's vote to defund its police department has been followed by an increase in violent crime and ongoing struggles with crime and drug use. The city's mayor has called for millions in police investment just one year after the defunding decision.

Nike did not immediately respond to requests for comment on this matter.

Overall, Nike's decision not to reopen its factory store in Portland has disappointed the Soul District Business Association and is seen as a significant economic setback for the neighborhood. The company has emphasized its commitment to the community and plans to find a new location as part of the community's revitalization plan. The decision comes in the context of ongoing concerns about crime and safety in Portland following the city's decision to defund its police department.


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