More people rely on parents as alternative lenders to buy houses

The dream of owning a home is becoming increasingly out of reach for many Americans. Rising home prices and high mortgage rates are making it difficult for potential buyers to afford a house. According to Bankrate analyst Jeff Ostrowski, home prices are at near-record highs, and mortgage rates are the highest they have been since 2000. This combination has created limited choices and an affordability squeeze for prospective homebuyers.

As a result, many first-time buyers are turning to their parents for help. Zillow's chief economist Skylar Olsen stated that about 40% of buyers receive financial assistance from their families, up from one-third before the pandemic. This reliance on family support highlights the privilege of those who have access to such resources.

In order to afford a median-priced home in the U.S., potential buyers need a salary of $114,627, according to a report by real estate site Redfin. This poses a significant challenge for young people just starting out in their careers. To bridge the affordability gap, a growing number of younger homebuyers are relying on family money to complete their purchases.

The issue of housing affordability is a major obstacle for those aspiring to become homeowners. A recent report by Bankrate found that nearly three-fourths of prospective homeowners consider affordability to be their greatest challenge. Several studies have shown that housing is less affordable now than at any other time in recent history.

While the down payment requirement can be daunting, there are options available for buyers. LendingTree's senior economist Jacob Channel advises buyers to remember that a down payment isn't everything and that there are programs with lower down payment requirements or even none at all. The federal government, states, banks, and credit unions offer these alternative programs.

In conclusion, the current state of the housing market presents significant challenges for those looking to buy a home. High home prices, soaring mortgage rates, and limited choices have made homeownership less attainable for many Americans. Increasing reliance on family support and alternative down payment programs are potential solutions, but the overall issue of housing affordability remains a pressing concern.


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