Investigation of Biden Documents: What We Know So Far

This week, White House attorney Richard Sauber announced that five additional pages of classified documents were found at President Joe Biden's personal residence in Delaware, bringing the total number of classified materials discovered to six. These documents reportedly include intelligence memos and briefing materials regarding Ukraine, Iran and the United Kingdom.

Questions have been raised as to why these documents were not in a secure facility, such as a secure compartmented information facility (SCIF). Multiple aides who worked for Biden during the Obama Administration are being questioned by federal authorities as to how the documents ended up at the president's home. Biden himself expressed shock and emphasized that he did not know the exact content of the documents when questioned at a press conference in Mexico.

The incident has been compared to the ongoing investigation of former President Trump's mishandling of classified documents which ended up at his Florida Mar-a-Lago residence and private club. In Trump's case, the National Archives and Records Administration noticed documents were missing, leading to an FBI raid of the club in order to retrieve the documents back.

The Biden administration is now under investigation to determine how the documents were handled and packed, and who was in charge of the transfer of the documents. It is unknown what level of classification the documents are, but the investigation is ongoing.


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