Greg Abel to make investing decisions for Berkshire Hathaway after Buffett

Warren Buffett made a significant announcement at Berkshire Hathaway's annual meeting in Omaha, Nebraska, stating that Greg Abel will be responsible for making investment decisions for the conglomerate once Buffett is no longer in charge. The 61-year-old Abel has been seen as Buffett's successor since 2021 when Charlie Munger inadvertently revealed the information at a shareholder meeting.

Buffett explained that as Berkshire's assets have grown immensely, with a cash pile of nearly $189 billion and an equity portfolio worth $860 billion, he believes the responsibility of capital allocation should rest with the CEO. This decision marks a shift in Buffett's previous thinking on the matter.

Abel, who has been overseeing a significant portion of Berkshire's operations including energy, railroad, and retail, is known for his expertise in the energy industry. Buffett expressed confidence in Abel's ability to understand businesses and make strategic decisions regarding investments.

While there had been speculation about who would control Berkshire's public stock portfolio, Buffett made it clear that Abel will have the final say on all capital allocation decisions, including stock picks. This puts to rest any ambiguity surrounding the succession plan at Berkshire Hathaway.

Overall, Buffett's endorsement of Abel as his successor reflects his confidence in Abel's abilities to lead the conglomerate in the future. With Abel's background in the energy industry and track record of overseeing a large portion of Berkshire's businesses, investors can expect a smooth transition when Buffett eventually steps down from his role as CEO.


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