Gordon Ramsay's London restaurant occupied by squatters, facing legal action

In a recent turn of events, squatters have taken over one of Gordon Ramsay's restaurants in London. The eatery in question, York & Albany, located in Camden Town, is temporarily closed as Ramsay finalizes a new lease, according to reports from The Sun and BBC. At least six individuals have been reported to be residing in the restaurant, having locked themselves inside, boarded up the windows, and even threatened legal action against those trying to remove them.

The squatters have issued a legal warning, stating their occupation of the property and claiming that any attempt to enter without their permission would be considered a criminal offense. They have also referenced the 2012 Legal Aid, Sentencing, and Punishment Offenders Act (LASPO), which they argue allows them to occupy a non-residential building without facing legal consequences.

Despite Ramsay's efforts to have the squatters removed, local authorities have not intervened, as they have deemed the situation to be a civil matter. It remains unclear what the group intends to do with the space, although Instagram posts from accounts such as Autonomous Winter Shelter and Camden Art Cafe suggest that they are establishing a community space offering free food and creating a gathering place for the community.

This incident is not isolated, as similar stories of squatters taking over properties have made headlines this year in cities like New York City and Beverly Hills. In both cases, legal battles ensued as property owners sought to reclaim their spaces from squatters who refused to vacate.

Representatives for Gordon Ramsay and York & Albany have not yet commented on the situation. The Metropolitan Police in London are currently investigating the matter to determine if any subsequent offenses have occurred and will take appropriate action as necessary.


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