Google faces AI issue with Gemini, difficult to resolve

Google has found itself in hot water recently over its AI chatbot, Gemini. Initially criticized for its lack of diversity in generating images of white people, the focus has now shifted to issues with Gemini's text responses.

Tech analyst Ben Thompson highlighted several instances where Gemini struggled to provide appropriate responses, such as comparing Hitler to Elon Musk or refusing to promote meat and fossil fuels. Thompson suggests that Google's internal culture may be too influenced by left-leaning workers and critics.

In response to the backlash, Google has taken steps to address the issues with Gemini. The company paused the chatbot's ability to create images and acknowledged that it had trained Gemini to respond to common criticisms of biased AI engines.

Google's senior vice president, Prabhakar Raghavan, explained that the company's attempts to correct for bias led to overcompensation and conservative outputs, resulting in embarrassing and incorrect images. Google has since worked to address these issues and improve Gemini's performance.

While Google's efforts to rectify the situation are commendable, the company continues to face scrutiny and criticism. Pulling Gemini altogether would be a significant blow, but Google may need to consider all options to regain public trust and confidence in its AI technology.

As Google navigates this challenging situation, it will be crucial for the company to prioritize transparency, accountability, and diversity in its AI development process. With the spotlight on Gemini, Google must work diligently to address concerns and ensure that its AI products are inclusive, accurate, and ethical.


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