Ex-Apple executive unveils AI glasses

Singapore-based tech startup Brilliant Labs, founded by former Apple employee Bobak Tavangar, has announced its latest product, Frame, a pair of lightweight augmented reality (AR) glasses. The glasses promise to provide wearers with "AI superpowers" through the company's always-online voice assistant, "Noa." Backed by Niantic CEO John Hanke, Brilliant Labs aims to bring a suite of AI capabilities to the wearable device.

Frame's features include mealtime visual analysis, translation of signs in different languages, web searches based on visual and voice prompts, and the ability to project images onto a screen in front of the user. The glasses integrate several AI models, including conversational web search, text-to-image models, and speech recognition.

Designed to be worn all day, Frame glasses are lightweight and can be ordered with prescription lenses. They will retail for $349 and are available for pre-order on Brilliant Labs' website, with shipping set to begin in April.

The product will compete with other AI-powered wearable devices, such as Humane's AI Pin and Rabbit's R1. This is Brilliant Labs' second AR device, following the success of their open-source programmable single-lens AR device, Monocle.

In comparison, Apple recently unveiled its own AR device, the Vision Pro, which CEO Tim Cook claims is the "most advanced consumer electronics device ever created." Priced at $3,499.99, the bulky headset offers seamless integration of digital content with the physical world.

Overall, Brilliant Labs' Frame glasses aim to provide users with a range of AI-powered features in a lightweight and wearable device. With pre-orders already available, customers can expect to receive their glasses in April and experience the promised "AI superpowers" firsthand.


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