EU fines Apple $2 billion for antitrust violations leading to stock drop

On Monday, shares of Apple experienced a 3% decline in trading following an antitrust fine of $2 billion imposed by the European Commission. The stock price dropped from $179.66 to $173.98 by 1:10 p.m. in New York.

The European Commission penalized Apple with a $1.95 billion fine for allegedly abusing its dominant market position over a ten-year period. Regulators claimed that Apple enforced restrictions that increased fees for developers, leading to higher costs for consumers. Margrethe Vestager, the EU's executive vice president for competition policy, stated that such actions violated EU antitrust rules.

In response, Apple announced its intention to appeal the decision, arguing that there was a lack of evidence regarding consumer harm and a failure to acknowledge the competitive landscape. The company criticized the ruling for being inconsistent with existing competition laws.

The investigation into Apple's business practices was initiated after Spotify, a music streaming service affected by Apple's policies, filed a lawsuit against the tech giant for imposing a 30% commission on app developers. As a result of Apple's antitrust fine, Spotify's shares increased by approximately 2% during Monday afternoon trading.

Overall, the situation involving Apple's antitrust fine has raised concerns about the company's market dominance and its impact on competition within the tech industry. The ongoing legal battle between Apple and the European Commission underscores the complex regulatory challenges faced by multinational corporations operating in global markets.


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