EA plans to lay off 5% of workforce, totaling 670 employees

Electronic Arts (EA) recently announced plans to reduce its workforce by 5%, which equates to approximately 670 jobs. This decision is part of a broader strategy that includes cutting office space and discontinuing work on certain video games. The move comes amidst a trend of downsizing in the tech industry, with other major players like Sony, Microsoft, and Tencent's Riot Games also implementing layoffs in recent months.

In a memo to employees, EA CEO Andrew Wilson stated that the company is streamlining its operations to provide fans with more connected gaming experiences. The restructuring plan is expected to be largely completed by the end of December and will allow EA to focus on its key priorities, such as owned intellectual property, sports games, and online communities.

During a recent earnings call, Wilson emphasized the company's commitment to investing in its existing franchises that have large online followings, including Apex Legends, Battlefield, EA Sports FC, Madden NFL, and The Sims. By shifting resources away from underperforming projects and towards areas of growth, EA aims to position itself for long-term success in the evolving gaming industry.

While the layoffs at EA and other tech companies may be concerning for those affected, they are a reflection of the broader changes taking place in the sector. As the industry continues to evolve, companies are making strategic decisions to realign their operations and focus on areas with the greatest potential for success. Time will tell how these changes impact the gaming landscape and the experiences of players worldwide.


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