ChatGPT AI boosts workers' productivity, says MIT study

Artificial intelligence (AI) will make humans more effective rather than replace them, according to Cohere CEO Aidan Gomez. While there remain concerns about the impact of generative AI such as OpenAI's ChatGPT on society and the economy, Gomez said the tech would revolutionize intellectual labor in the same way the steam engine transformed mechanical labor. Early results from studies support anecdotal evidence that lawyers using AI would be more effective and efficient. The technology could also save time by reading every book and legal opinion. Cohere's platform allows even those without machine learning experience to integrate AI features into mobile apps or service platforms. However, Gomez warned that companies could use AI as the reason for layoffs in the future. The MIT researchers behind a study that found workers were 37% more efficient using ChatGPT were less optimistic about the impact of generative AI on jobs. They suggested the tech would largely substitute for worker effort rather than complementing skills, potentially causing a decrease in demand for workers, with capital owners gaining at their expense. The researchers also acknowledged limitations in their study, which only captured ChatGPT's direct, immediate effects on selected occupations, and could not account for other factors that will weigh on labor markets and production systems. Overall, Gomez and other AI executives believe that AI will augment human labor, but workers need to be prepared for the transformation and the potential for job displacement.


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